Post Garage Sale Ads

Post your garage sale items here in this form. Please provide a phone number. A price is not necessary but is advised. Items can be sold, rented, or “looking for” for the Garage Sale.

Policy: Items will be placed on website for the current month. At the end of the month said items will be removed and will need to be resubmitted to put them back on the website. Not all items will be mentioned on air as somethings can come across as an ad. WOAK cannot mention “Ads” as this is against the FCC rulings for non-profit radio stations. However, these items can be left on the website as we are not governed by the FCC there. Also, WOAK has the right to remove or edit any items listed on the website if they violate the policy of WOAK and its religious principles and values. Items submitted will be added to the website by staff of WOAK and may take up to a week to be added to the website and on air mentioning. No ads from businesses or store fronts will be added to the website and especially on air. If any items are found to be from a business or store front, the phone number and name submitted will be put on record and not be allowed to submit anything further.